The Big Dogs Use Social Media

Social Media is being used by major companies like Dell and Comcast in order to reach their consumers at a more personal level. Major companies, such as IBM and Dell, have plugged into social media as a way to connect with their customer. Burger King famously made headlines when they campaigned to give out a […]

Little Dogs Use Social Media Too

Social media is also used by small companies that create buzz and momentum by communicating through Twitter, YouTube, and facebook. Social Media gives small companies a great opportunity to grow and become more successful. Blendtec is one company that used YouTube to post videos of their blenders and has been viewed by 100 million people […]

You Need Social Media

Social media is crucial in connecting with your consumers by spending little to no money. No matter what size company you have or if you’re riding solo, social media offers a great way to market and brand yourself for little to no money. Social media can put money in your bank and your customer is […]